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    Yoga on the Lawn of the Americana with lululemon Sunday October 6

    Join me and lululemon as we bring you a morning filled with Yoga 4 Runners on the lawn of the Americana, Glendale. Sunday October 6 @9:30am.

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    Increase Your Mind-Body Connection

    Yoga places much attention on breath, movement, and alignment. This increases the runner’s awareness of their own anatomy, which in turn leads to correct and improved running form.

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    Feel Better and Recover Faster

    Yoga after a run helps to keep your muscles long and loose. The stretching opens the muscles up and helps release the lactic acid build up which helps decrease post-run soreness.

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    Yoga at the Autry Museum Farmer’s Market Sat Sept. 7th

    Join me for a special Yoga 4 Runner's class at the Autry Museum Farmer's Market THIS SATURDAY Sept 7 @9:15-10:15am.


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